Head or Brain Injury

Head Injury or Brain Injury

Head or Brain Injury cases can be the most distressing for the victims and their families. The help and support needed for clients will often not just be legal. A holistic approach to supporting the victim and their family is required.

Elsbys Solicitors have years experience in dealing with Head or Brain Injury cases, and supporting the clients and their families.

We utilise our experience and our network of contacts in areas of medical, care, rehabilitation, mobility and home alterations or adaptations to ensure that the right support is put in place as early as possible.

We ensure that any case put together for head or brain injury takes into account the potential long term care needs, which is an area where we have significant expertise and success.

If the client lacks mental capacity after a head or brain injury, we can advise on the Court of Protection process and powers to manage the financial affairs on behalf of the client.

How Elsby Solicitors Can Help

The area of law for Head or Brain Injury is complex.

Our support begins with a home or hospital visit to discuss the case. Our initial assessment is free.

We can help ensure the right support is in place to support the client, and their family.

We can take the case on, on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, but can also be appointed through your Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI).

We understand the emotional cost of suffering an injury and work with our clients, and their families to minimise inconvenience and guide them through the legal process as smoothly as is possible whilst seeking to achieve the best result for them.