Inquests - The Coroner's Court

In the event a person dies as a result of an accident or personal injury, an Inquest will usually be held and is conducted in the Coroner’s Court.

Any Police or Health & Safety Executive investigation or prosecution may impact on the timing of the Inquest.

Legal Representation.

The family has the right to be represented at the Inquest

The power of the Coroner to consider the issue of fault is limited. However the Inquest can provide some answers and clarify the facts.

It is advisable for the family to have legal representation at an Inquest, especially if there is any possibility that a claim for compensation will be made at a later date.

How Elsby Solicitors Can Help.

Elsbys Solicitors have many years of experience is helping the families of those that have suffered a death as a result of an accident or personal injury.

We can help you every step of the way, and provide the much needed legal representation through the process of an Inquest as well as acting on behalf of the family with respect to any future compensation claims that may be brought.

Our years of knowledge and experience, underpinned with our high standards of customer care mean you can have confidence in Elsbys Solicitors to look after your needs and requirements in difficult circumstances.